Man Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregor

Man Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregor

When I was about five years old, my father said to me, “You know, it takes a real man to wear a skirt! This is why the Greek national army does it. And this is why the Scottish military regiments do it! Always remember that! Real men wear skirts!” Um. Yeah. Papa, were you trying to tell me something? I always wondered why you were such a good cook. Dammit! All those years wasted! You mean to tell me that instead of playing with my friends on the weekends, I could have been downing shots of apple juice in a gay club on Castro Street? I feel robbed! ROBBED, I tell you! Yeah, thanks a lot for ruining my childhood, Papa!

Man Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregorMan Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregorMan Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregorMan Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregorMan Candy Of The Day: Ewan McGregor

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Anonymous Bitch said:

Skirt. Oh, Greek Girl.

Sep 15 at 9:40am
AG's Gay Male
AG's Gay Male said:

Your dad knows his shit, AG! :) LOL! I think Ewan is dreamy!

Sep 15 at 9:49am
Old Fogey
Old Fogey said:

Ah, Ewan! Such a beautiful man! Your parents crack me up, AG!

Sep 15 at 9:59am
Slutty Gay Friend
Slutty Gay Friend said:

haha! i love your dad! and i love ewan, too! he is sexy!

Sep 15 at 10:02am
Goat Bitch's Tears
Goat Bitch's Tears said:

My favorite! He's just perfect!

Sep 15 at 10:04am
Greek Girl's Future Wife
Greek Girl's Future Wife said:

Ewan is great! Your dad sounds so much like mine! LOL!

Sep 15 at 10:07am
drpamful said:

These injustices must be rectified AG! LMAO!

Sep 15 at 10:10am
The French Knight
The French Knight said:

Love Ewan. Saw him recently in "I love you Phillip Morris". AGGM is right : dreamy !

Sep 15 at 10:11am
Team Wig
Team Wig said:

Such a great-looking man!

Sep 15 at 10:14am
London Loves AG
London Loves AG said:

Ewan is spectacular!

Sep 15 at 10:16am

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