Your Daily FAIL!

And in case you needed further proof that the Angry Greek is going to straight hell, look no further than the first video. I literally laughed until my stomach hurt. And as for the second video, you have got to give grandma credit for laughing the whole thing off! Many years ago, my Meme tried riding a bike and she ended up crashing into a bush after skidding off the road. She got up, took off her summer sandal, and proceeded to chase each and every one of us for half a mile. Unfortunately, she caught me first because I was dying over the fact that leaves and twigs were sticking out of her hair.

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Old Fogey
Old Fogey said:

Oh my goodness! Between Meme and Couscous Lucy, we have our hands full!

Mar 6 at 10:32am
Old Fogey
Old Fogey said:

And both vids cracked me up!

Mar 6 at 10:32am
Red Moon Girl
Red Moon Girl said:

Hahaha! Meme and Couscous Lucy need to be in cahoots!

Mar 6 at 10:38am
Slutty Gay Friend
Slutty Gay Friend said:

i think they're already in cahoots, rmg!

Mar 6 at 10:38am
Slutty Gay Friend
Slutty Gay Friend said:

old fogey is lethal with a handbag and couscous lucy is lethal with a couscous ladle. meme is lethal with a summer sandal!

Mar 6 at 10:39am
Slutty Gay Friend
Slutty Gay Friend said:

by the way, why is it a summer sandal? does she have winter sandals too? meme is very fashionable!

Mar 6 at 10:40am
I Came For The Vodka
I Came For The Vodka said:

I'm horrible, but in the slow motion of that first video it sounds like the woman is saying "frock" at the impact. Keep picturing a gown to come falling from the sky and is cracking me the hell uip.

Mar 6 at 10:41am
Baba Yaga's Brittle Bones
Baba Yaga's Brittle Bones said:

LMAO! Love the daily fail!

Mar 6 at 10:42am
Slutty Gay Friend
Slutty Gay Friend said:

head troll, now i can't stop laughing!

Mar 6 at 10:44am
Red Moon Girl
Red Moon Girl said:


Mar 6 at 10:52am
Greek Girl's Future Wife
Greek Girl's Future Wife said:

Greek Girl, your meme sounds hilarious!

Mar 6 at 10:55am
Greek Girl's Future Wife
Greek Girl's Future Wife said:

Jen, any new stories about Couscous Lucy? Huge fan!

Mar 6 at 10:55am
Goat Bitch's Tears
Goat Bitch's Tears said:

We're going right to hell with you, AG!

Mar 6 at 10:57am
AG's Gay Male
AG's Gay Male said:


Mar 6 at 10:59am
Casper said:


Mar 6 at 11:08am
Team Wig
Team Wig said:


Mar 6 at 11:10am
Anonymous Bitch said:

How unlucky is the person in this first video? There's one moving vehicle and Gliding Person goes way out of the way to smash into it.

The second video, always treat suggestions from the sideline with suspicion.

Mar 6 at 2:32pm
The French Knight
The French Knight said:

The blog is so quiet these days...
I drop by to say hello. Hope you'll all have a good week-end, my fellow hos.
Miss you all ! bisoux !

Mar 9 at 10:19am
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet said:

Gros bisoux, mon chevalier francais! Hope all is well!

Mar 9 at 12:17pm
The French Knight
The French Knight said:

I'm quite fine. Hope you're doing okay too, ma chère Jen.
Something is just missing everyday around 6PM :)

Mar 9 at 4:02pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

The Unbearableness of Hawtness
By Ibex Garcon a.k.a. the Goate Bitche

I am so dam handsome
I can barely believe it myself
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I was born this way
I have special DNA
As well as other things
Hey, the CDC monitors me not you.
Everyone is jealous all of the time
Because I am dam awesome, too.
Ooh ooh! Says you
Cause you are impressed.
It is true!

Mar 10 at 11:40am
Anonymous Bitch said:

Goat Bitch smoothed his onesie. He wished he had his skirt. Or even one of Baba Yaga's dresses. But, she'd put a lock on her closet after he exchanged all her shoes and undergarments to fit him better.

"I cannot believe you," she hissed as she extended her right leg even farther. "I have to stand in this lewd albeit incredibly sexy* manner to keep my drawers from falling down around me ankles!" (*she's delusional, like her loons)

Goat Bitch opened his mouth to offer a suggestion.

"Not one single word!" Hissed Baba Yaga. "You just stand there and look pretty."

Goat Bitch extended his right leg, sexily*. (*he's delusional, like his loons)

"Never mind!" Whispered Baba Yaga. "Act like you are madly in love with me! As if I am truly the most lovely, soft, and female plus one ever!"

Goat Bitch looked mildly constipated.

Mar 10 at 5:01pm
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet said:

AB, the sales associates were none too pleased when Goat Bitch came back with the shoe exchanges - after all, they had to go to the children's department for his size.

Mar 10 at 8:13pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Jen, so true. Also, he threw them in a black trash bag (after making certain it wasn't one of Baba Yaga's dresses), then flounced up to the counter and announced, "I have some shoooooes." (Bats eyes) "and I want to exchange size pontoon for size extra dainty."

Mar 10 at 9:29pm
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet said:

And then as he waited, he tried on all the little girls' hair bows - so now who wants to put them in their hair? They'll never get clean!

Mar 11 at 7:56am
Anonymous Bitch said:

Jen, it's true and so sad. He's trying to recreate this:

He wore it the first time he went to visit Baba Yaga's Innsmuth relatives. (They wanted to meet her bride.) Alas, it did not survive the encounter. Come to think of it... Goat Bitch was never the same after that. Is he a good swimmer?

Mar 12 at 3:20pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Here is a charming tale about the Innsmuth relatives. It is really too bad Goat Bitch didn't read this beforehand. Or at least the spoiler: stay away!

Mar 12 at 3:23pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

The way Baba Yaga contacts her underwater relatives in Innsmuth or the South Pacific:

Mar 12 at 3:29pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

What Goat Bitch always thinks of when he imagines the ocean:

Mar 12 at 3:34pm
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet
Rudolph's SCRAM bracelet said:

He is not a good swimmer at all - during our marriage he still needed floaties. I can only imagine his abilities have deteriorated since.

Mar 12 at 4:17pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Jen, must as I imagined. Yet another area in which he was ill equipped for the constant challenge that is Baba Yaga. Her relatives in the Deep take a dim view of floaties.

OMG! Alex Jones called Baba Yaga a ring wraith, a reanimated corpse, a skeletal vampire, and several other names that make me think he reads here.

Mar 12 at 4:59pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

FREE tattoos! Some guy went on Ink Masters asking for something showing both angels and demons. He received the infamous "devil grabbing for some penis" tattoo because that contestant was in an oddly phallic phase. I believe he called that, as well as Bratz doll looking girls, "new school." He didn't win.

Mar 13 at 2:42am
grad student
grad student said:

My Dear Liege,

We have missed your presence and I just wanted to send warm fuzzy thoughts to let you know how special you are:)

Mar 15 at 8:26pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Goat Bitch languished in his pen. He was pretty sure Baba Yaga had gone back to her pyramid or at least back to the waters near Innsmuth. He truly regretted his antics in the shoe department.

Worse even than that, she had take the winsome Wig Jolie with her. Wig Jolie was tempermental, as befitting a great artiste, but she was an expert hunter and kept Goat Bitch supplied with spiders and crickets. She also would take the occasional nap on his head which he enjoyed very much. Many of Wig Jolie's tendrils he still found quite glamorous, even if she'd just been chasing squirrels.

He didn't know what on earth had happened to dear Jonah or darling Georgie. The battery on his phone had died. So, he couldn't text them and neither had dropped by on their own. If only they knew Baba Yaga wasn't even home!

Mar 16 at 12:54am
Anonymous Bitch said:

Goat Bitch is trying to subscribe!

Mar 16 at 1:09am
Anonymous Bitch said:

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Mar 16 at 2:26am
Anonymous Bitch said:

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Mar 16 at 2:27am
Old Fogey
Old Fogey said:

Greek Girl, I echo what our dear Grad Student said! You are SO MISSED! Come back soon! Lots of hugs to all the hos!

Mar 16 at 2:58am
The French Knight
The French Knight said:

A little hello from France. I miss you all so much. Hope you'll have a good week-end, ma chère amie and my fellow hos.

Lots of love from your French Knight !

Mar 16 at 1:35pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Baba Yaga was home. Goat Bitch had been industriously digging in the corner of his pen, thinking of getting out and exploring a bit when he felt an icy, cold claw in his hair.

"You don't have my wig," said BY. She sounded disappointed.

"Wig Jolie?" Asked GB. "She's here? Where?"

"Stupid goat. I said she wasn't here," snarled BY. "Now, come help me with my pacemaker batteries and the colon mice."

BY lurched back up toward the house. GB followed. He didn't have much choice. She hadn't let go of his hair. From the shadows, Wig Jolie watched.

Mar 17 at 1:46pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Mar 17 at 5:51pm
Falling_Angel said:

HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!! I'm a little late, but Catholics always are. < interpret that comment whatever way you want to haha

Mar 18 at 12:01am
Anonymous Bitch said:

Wig Jolie gnawed a spider and watched Goat Bitch's futile attempts to rearrange the colon mice in a way that was pleasing to Baba Yaga. No matter what he did, Baba Yaga complained 'it just wasn't right.' Wig Jolie had a theory as to why. Not that BY would listen to her, but she was pretty certain at least one mouse fell out due to BY's leg extending pose at the Oscar's. If she had not been cruelly deceived and drugged by Baba Yaga herself, Wig Jolie was certain she would have made sure that poor little mouse was returned to its cavernous home, but her senses had been drugged. And why? So she wouldn't fart on Seacrest? Well, someone else had done worse anyway.

Mar 18 at 9:39am
The Angry Greek
The Angry Greek said:

My sweet Grad Student, thank you so very much for saying that! I miss you all so much! I might be able to post a few times this week, and I am so looking forward to it! I am sending you all a bunch of hugs!

Mar 19 at 1:03am
edob said:

miss you ag:) hugs back...

Mar 19 at 9:07pm
Anonymous Bitch said:

Goat Bitch was exceedingly proud of himself. While Baba Yaga, Wig Jolie, and the colon mice snored, he borrowed Shiloh's best crayon and wrote a fax.

It was all because of Stacey's long, tan, shapley legs... legs that even he and Georgie lavishly complimented. Of course, they thought Baba Yaga understood they were even less interested in Stacey than her. Stacey was sans penis. Avec penis was better than shapely legs (although GB felt he and Georgie both had fantastic legs... he briefly wished it was permissable to wear tailored booty shorts with his tuxedo jacket). He paused. This fax was tres gay. He indulged in calling his relationship with darling Georgie a 'bromance', then proceeded to talk about Baba Yaga.

He explained that though Baba Yaga was four inches shorter than Stacey (a.k.a. three inches taller than her actual height), she had long legs as well. Forgetting what Baba Yaga looked like and imagining an appealing cross between Stacey and Georgie, he explained how BY showed up SK. He, GB, ever concerned warned BY not to do anything embarrassing, but she was determined to reveal her sexiness which was sexier than ... than...

Unable to think of a good comparison, GB wrote that he blushed and covered his eyes. That was an adorable mental picture. He adopted the pose, peeking at himself in the mirror through his fingers. Beautiful! He decided to end of a positive, so he wrote 'beautiful' and drew a smiley heart face. Then, ever so quietly, he faxed it!

Mar 19 at 11:14pm

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